The Mercurial Grounds

Branching Out

Kaiyas and Algius are approached by a local villager who, impressed by their bravery, decides to ask them to help her brother Samuel. She explains that her brother is the town priest and healer in Serpent’s Pass and that they have recently fallen victim to a terrible plague. She has not heard from Samuel in quite some time and fears the worst. The villager explains that she cannot provide any payment, but all she asks is news of the fate of her brother…

During the trip, our adventurers come across a small cottage just off the road. They can hear loud crashing and the smashing of pottery all the way from the road followed by a sudden silence and stillness.

The adventurers enter the house to find a quaint living room. Beyond the living room is a hallway and a doorway to a kitchen. In the kitchen they find what they assume is the source of the ruckus. There is smashed pottery and pots and pans thrown all over this room. Upon investigating the oven Kaiyas finds a small fire elemental in the corner looking rather menacing, so she wisely shuts the door and leaves it alone. They notice another door in the kitchen, presumably leading to a cellar, that has a chair propped in front of it preventing the door from being opened. Kaiyas decides to investigate further before finding out what lies beyond the barred door.

The hallway terminates with a closed door that, when opened, reveals the master bedroom with books strewn about. There is a bloodied, unconscious man tied to the bed and an imp sitting atop the dresser idly tearing pages from a book. The imp springs to the attack upon seeing Kaiyas enter the room. Both Kaiyas and Algius hit the imp with everything they’ve got, but the imp seems able to just shrug off even some of their hardest hits. The imp repeatedly jabs it’s poisoned tail at Kaiyas, mostly missing, but occasionally landing a glancing blow. Over time, Kaiyas starts to feel the effects of the imps poison. Her joints feel stiff and she seems a sluggish. The imp casts a spell and looks at Algius and tells him “go make sure you were not followed”. Algius obeys the command and stops attacking to turn around and walk back the way he came. Kaiyas desperately swings at the imp and lands a lucky shot to the midsection, cleaving the beast in two.

Upon reviving the bloodied human, they notice that some of the bloodstains were, in fact, tomato sauce. Gendrew explains that he and his wife, Andolyn have created a Calzone Golem to guard a chef’s kitchen, but an imp showed up out of nowhere and sent it into a rage. He was barely able to lock it in the basement pantry before he himself was rendered unconscious by the golem and imp’s fierce attacks.

Kaiyas asks where Andolyn is and how long she’ll be gone. Gendrew says that he is unsure. Andolyn’s errands are beyond him and she is usually gone for many hours.

As if summoned by the conversation, Andolyn teleports in the room at that exact second asking what has happened.

Kaiyas and Gendrew explain the situation and Andolyn thanks them profusely, offering a box of potions as payment and her services as a potion maker and alchemist whenever they may need in the future.

Kaiyas graciously accepts the gift and asks if Andolyn has had any work from Serpent’s Pass recently. Andolyn says she hasn’t had any customers from that area in at least a month, but that is not entirely out of the ordinary. The average time between visits from the Serpent’s Pass area is about 3 weeks…



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