The Mercurial Grounds

New Beginnings

Kaiyas solo campaign

Young orphaned elf, Kaiyas, has finally finished her Druid education and ventures out to explore the world for herself. But not without a mission.

Her druid clan leaders are concerned about the local lizard man population. Recently the lizard man attacks on the local trade town of SeaWell have increased nearly tenfold. It is all the local militia can do to keep them at bay. Thus the leaders have seen Kaiyas’ graduation as an opportunity to discover what is causing this disruption in the balance of nature in The Great Marsh Peninsula that the druid clan presides over.

Meanwhile, the town of SeaWell is concerned for more than just the increased Lizard man raids. Not a single trade ship has arrived in the last 6 weeks. Since trade is the lifeblood of SeaWell, this has thrown their economy into a severe depression. The town council believes that some mishap may have befallen the light house to the northeast that guides the trade ships through the treacherous reef on the north side of the peninsula, however they have been unable to investigate as of yet due to the constant lizard man raids. In their desperation they have hired a visiting Human Ranger named Algius, to investigate.

Kaiyas has decided to assist in the defense of SeaWell in the hopes that a lead may present itself (or at least an opportunity to interrogate one of the culprits).

Kaiyas arrives in SeaWell just as another raid begins. As all available forces run to the north side of town she sees a lone human (Algius) leaving via the east gate. Intrigued, she questions the Human and learns that he is heading to the light house to investigate. Kaiyas figures that this is as good a place as any to begin her investigation into the lizard man attacks and asks if she can accompany him on his journey. Algius’ reply is simply “as long as you can keep up” and thus begins their journey…



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