The Mercurial Grounds

The Burning Plague

Kaiyas and Algius enter a town in ruin. The Burning Plague has hit Serpent’s Pass hard. The town seems deserted and there are corpses piled as high as a man outside the local church. The only sign of life is a single human male working diligently, saying prayers for the deceased and digging graves.

When approached, the priest introduces himself as Father Samuel, the local cleric. Samuel tells the adventurers a tale of how a few months ago miners started returning from the local silver mine complaining of fevers and sores on their skin. Then, overnight, the cattle all died. That was when they realized the plague was in the water, but it was too late. By that time most of the population were showing symptoms and it was all Samuel and his two assistants could do to treat the infected. Not many were able to fight off the disease, but those that did are tending the sick in their homes. Samuel is the only cleric left.

The party decides to stay a couple of nights and prepare before heading to the silver mine. During that time Kaiyas helps Samuel as much as possible by purifying water for the town, but they camp outside of town for fear of infection.

After two nights of preparation the party heads out…



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