The Mercurial Grounds

The Pirate Camp

KaiyasandAlgius set up camp about 200yds outside the pirate camp. Algius performs some more reconnaissance for another full day in order to learn the pirates’ habits. During this reconnaissance, Algius learns that the pirates have 2 people on patrol at any given time accept meal times, when all the pirates return for their meal. He also discovers that the pirates have apparently been successful with their false lighthouse ruse. The female human, that Algius presumes is the captain, has been supervising the sorting of loot all day long. Once sorted, the loot is placed in barrels and buried just above the high tide line on the beach. There is also a male dwarf that seems to be a captain of the guard of sorts. He supervises the patrols and even occasionally goes out on patrol himself. Other than the captain and dwarf, there are 6 pirates.

Armed with this new information, the party decides to try and enlist aid from the local lizardfolk tribe. They head out to where they encountered the female Lizardman earlier. Algius is able to find some tracks good enough to follow but they dead end at a solution hole. After nearly being a meal for the alligator that dug the hole, the female appears again and greets the heros. They explain the situation to her and request any help they might be able to provide. She says that she will request the aid from her chieftain and meet them in the morning if the answer is yes.

Kaiyas and Algius decide to thin the pirate numbers as much as possible in the mean time by ambushing their patrols. They set up an ambush just on the other side of the first turn in the trail leading away from the camp. The first patrol they happen across is eliminated with ease, but then the patrols stop coming. The adventurers decide to call it a night and get some rest before the attack in the morning.

The next morning the lizardfolk show up with 4 warriors, including the original female the heros befriended. One more reconnaissance patrol around the camp shows that the pirates are on full alert. They have ceased all patrols and 2 pirates patrol the perimeter of the camp at opposite sides from each other while the captain and the dwarf stand watch in the middle of the camp with the remaining two pirates. Kaiyas comes up with a strategy to attack from 3 sides as stealthily as possible and draw the pirates from the center of the camp. Algius takes up a sniper position on the north side of camp at the base of the fake lighthouse while Kaiyas is in the sawgrass at the opposite end of the camp waiting the patrol. The two pirates patrolling the perimeter arrive in front of Kaiyas and Algius at approximately the same time and Algius is able to down his as he is out of sight of the rest behind a building. Kaiyas, unfortunately, merely wounds hers and immediately the two pirates in the center advance to investigate the disturbance, but the captain waits it out while casting some sort of protective spell on herself and the dwarf sneaks off to the side in order to make a sneak attack on anybody coming around the corner of the building.

In an effort to draw the attention of the advancing pirates or the captain, the lizardfolk then exit the brush and throw their javelins at the pirates, but they are too far away and all 3 javelins fall short. The pirates are not drawn away by the distraction as originally planned so the lizardfolk split up and one moves to aid Kaiyas while the other two advance on the captain.

Meanwhile, Algius advances up the beach to decrease the range to his next target slightly and looses an arrow at the unaware captain. It hits her hard in the back and drops her to one knee, but she is still capable of fighting and is now aware of the third and last threat. She downs a pink liquid in a vial and moves to put a building between her and Algius while simultaneously drawing close enough to deal with the lizardfolk threat. The dwarf turns and shoots his crossbow at Algius and scores a grazing shoulder wound.

Kaiyas and Luna are able to finish off the wounded pirate before the other two arrive and she and her wolf immediately attack them as they turn the corner to the building she is behind. One pirate goes down immediately and the other swings wildly and misses as the single lizardman charges him, bashing him with his mace but doing little damage.

Algius realizes that his new opponent is formidable and backs up to keep his one advantage, range. Algius looses another arrow but it flies wide and the Dwarf keeps advancing, managing to stay within his shorter crossbow range, and lets another bolt fly that hits Algius square in the chest dropping him to the ground unconscious.

The captain pulls some sand from a pouch on her belt, recites an incantation and blows it at the lizardmen. One drops instantly and the other keeps advancing. The captain then drops the longbow she was carrying and draws the greatsword strapped to her back preparing for the upcoming attack.

Kaiyas and her wolf finish off the last pirate and advance, with the lizardman, toward the captain.

The dwarf turns his attention to his captain and moves in position to fire crossbow bolts at her assailants, but Kaiyas sees this and conjures a globe of pure darkness between the dwarf and herself and her allies, while simultaneously commanding Luna to attack the captain. Luna pounces and tears a hole in the captains armor, but is unable to knock her down. The lizardmen however are able to bring her down and move to eliminate the dwarf who used the darkness as an opportunity to hide and start sneaking away. Luna is hot on the dwarf’s scent and leading the rest of the attackers right to her, so the dwarf shoots the wolf with her crossbow and Luna tumbles to the ground with a loud yelp.

Unfortunately for the rogue, Algius was able to regain consciousness, drink a healing potion and move within range. The ranger takes another shot, but misses again. By this time Kaiyas and the lizardmen have caught up to the dwarf and he surrenders rather than try to flee when so many are on his trail.

Kaiyas is able to heal Luna and luckily, the dropped lizardman was merely put into a magical sleep. Now it is time to decide the fate of the dwarven pirate. Kaiyas and Algius decide it best to turn the rogue over the the lizardmen since there is nobody left to speak for the murdered family and they fear they will not be able to keep him detained long enough to get back to town.

The adventurers return to town and hire a ship to return to the area and dig up the stolen cargo. They return to SeaWell heros.



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