Burning Plague

The Burning Plague is a disease spread by contact. Although generally transmitted by rats and vermin, Jakk has, by virtue of his divine magic, managed to sour the springs feeding the wells of Serpent’s Pass with it as well. The plague has a very short lifespan, generally requiring an individual to be repeatedly exposed to it before causing serious harm. Its symptoms include fever, searing muscular pains, clenching of the throat and possible choking, fatigue and potentially death.

Anything that comes into contact with the Burning Plague must make an immediate Fortitude saving throw (DC 13). Success indicates that the character has managed to avoid infection, although repeated or continued contact over subsequent rounds should result in further saving throws. Failing the saving throw results in infection.

In the case of infection, nothing transpires for the first 24 hours after a failed saving throw. This is the Burning Plague’s incubation period. After 24 hours have passed, the infected (and now contagious) adventurer suffers the temporary ability loss of 1d4 Con. Once per day afterward, he or she must make a successful Fortitude saving throw to avoid further Con loss (at the same rate of 1d4 points of temporary loss a day). two successful saving throw s in a row indicate that the character has overcome the disease, although it can be contracted once again by contact with a contagious object or individual. A character reduced to 0 Constitution dies. There are no means available to escape the Plague, aside from successfully waiting out the disease or receiving the benefits of a remove disease spell.

For further details on disease, refer to the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

Burning Plague

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